IT Accounts

Members of the Graduate Institute community receive two IT accounts: the IHEID IT Login and the IHEID Email Login. Executive Education participants may receive only an IHEID IT Login or Moodle Login depending on the programme they are registered in.

Note that at activation time, the IHEID IT and Email Logins have the same password. In case a change of password is performed on one account, it will not affect the other account password.


The IHEID IT Login gives access to most of IT Services as well as SWITCHaai Services, such as Moodle and Neptun. This account username is composed of 8 characters maximum; it is based on the user's last name and ends with a number.

Main sign-in windows on which the IHEID IT Login is to be used
campus_login.png login_idp.png login_win.png
Campus Moodle or Jahia MS Windows on public workstation

SWITCHaai login is a four steps process that implies selecting your home organisation, a small overhead considering the benefit of federated authentication infrastructure.

IHEID Email Login

To access Email services use your IHEID Email login. The username is a combination of your firstname, dot, last name followed by (for example

The first time you sign in, make sure you enter after your username as shown below.

Email sign-in window

Students automatically maintain their Graduate Institute email address after the end of their studies, when they become Alumni. If email addresses are not used, they will be deactivated after six months (but can be reactivated upon request, at any time).


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