Email and Calendar

Email Services for the IHEID community are provided by Google Apps, a superset of Gmail.

We recommend the use of the webmail interface as it allows email access from anywhere provided an internet connection is available and it offers a powerful search engine. Users have 30GB of storage space for email and attachments, which means that there is usually no need to delete any email at all.

Note that no backup is available for your messages.

Email FAQ

Google Help Center is well organized. Here are some links containing answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:


You have access to a few more Google Apps services such as a calendar.


You can share your calendar with other members of the Institute community and access staff members agendas to check their empty slots in case you need to set up an appointment

Mailing Lists

For every course a mailing list contains the email addresses of all registered students. The addresses of your courses are cours-<code of the course>, for exemple cours-de091. The code is available on Campus when you register for courses at the beginning of the semester.


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