Hardware and Software

  • The Graduate Institute provides access to public workstations and multi-functions copiers to its community (IHEID IT account required).
  • Members of the IHEID Community can benefit from discounts on hardware and software for their own needs  (IHEID IT account and @graduateinstitute.ch email address required).


Public workstations

The Graduate Institute public workstations are located inside the Library. They are running on Windows 7. Use your IHEID IT Login to login. Executive Education participants who do not have an IHEID IT Login can use the computers in the Executive Education Business Center.

One workstation is dedicated to quick printing, follow the signs inside the Library for orientation.

The workstations available in the Library computer lab are optimized for intensive computation. They run on a 64-bit Windows 7 to allow full use of  the software potential.

No reservation is needed and you may choose any vacant computer as long as no session is locked. Conversely, the whole room is  reserved regularly for courses or other training sessions.

Security reminder: lock your computer when you leave for a short time and log off when you are done.

Multi-functions printers

Multi-functions printers allow you to print, copy (IHEID IT Login required) and free scan. Executive Education participants who do not have an IHEID IT Login can use the printer in the Executive Education Business Center.


Standard software

This software is available on public workstation.

Microsoft Office Suite of office applications: includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access
Mozilla Firefox The Graduate Institute standard Internet browser
Adobe Acrobat Pro Distribution of electronic documents: mostly use to read  PDF files and convert documents into this format, rearrange pages and create forms
Skype Telephone over Internet
Irfanview Pictures processor and converter
VLC media player Audio et video reader
 7zip Data archive
Notepad++ Text editor
Total Commander Advanced filemanager


Academic software

This software is available on Computer Lab workstations.

Working with computational software requires observance of specific precautions since browsing through very large data files can tremendously increase the input/output load.

Here are the best practices:

  • Never store datasets to be used with quantitative analysis software (in particular Stata) on the M: drive;
  • Small datasets (less than 500MB) can be stored in the “Documents” Library of your profile;
  • Large datasets (more than 500MB) should be stored on an external device.
EndNote References management: populate your bibliography from online databases, build references databases for research projects and produce bibliographies automatically from your databases
Eviews Econometrics
Matlab Calculus and visualization
Nvivo Qualitative analysis
Scientific Workplace Scientific word procession
R Statistics
RStudio Development Environment for R
SPSS Quantitative and predictive analysis quantitative et prédictive
Stata SE Statistical analysis


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