Academic tools


To sign in, use your IHEID IT Login.

Campus is the online Academic Management System which allows you, depending on your programme, to:

  • Register for courses and exams;
  • Control class schedule;
  • Upload memoire/thesis and related documents;
  • Check your transcripts;
  • Apply for a Study or an Executive Education programme.


Moodle is a popular online eLearning platform to support and enhance activities related to a course.

Moodle Support page provides "Quick Start Guides" for teachers and users and more.

Math server

The Math Server is specifically designed for quantitative applications involving very large datasets.

There are no quota and no backup on the machine; memory and CPU are shared among connected users. Available software (*) includes quantitative analysis software such as:

  • Octave;
  • R;
  • Stata;
  • Stat/Transfer.

The server address is “math.iheid.loc”. It is accessible using the NoMachine software installed on the Computer Lab workstations. Use your IHEID IT Login for authentication.

To access the server from laptops that are connected to the IHEID_AUTH Wi-Fi network or connected  through VPN, the NoMachine software has to be installed. Please contact for assistance.

(*) Please note that the installed versions are not the latest ones

IT - Contact email / MCS, WGA / 01.09.2016