Check your printing credit

(only for paid printing)

You can check your printing credit on the printer, after authenticating with your IHEID muti-services card or with your IHEID IT Login. The balance of your printing credit cumulated with your money credit appears in CHF after clicking on the "Copy and Scan" button.


To check your printing details, use the web PaperCut application and sign in with your IHEID IT Login.

The "Summary" section allows you to consult your credit balance:

PaperCut Summary

The "Recent Print Jobs" section displays the last impressions along with their status


NB: the "Filter on" button is used to manage the contents of this list.


Printing credit

Every student or Executive Education (EE) participant has a free print and photocopy credit respectively per semester or per teaching period.




Equivalent A4, single sided,
black and white

Master CHF 50 500
PhD CHF 200 2000
Executive LLM CHF 50 500
Executive Education CHF 100 1000
MIDS CHF 50 500
Exchange Students CHF 50 500



  • Printed pages and photocopies are directly charged on your IHEID multi-services card account.
  • The total amount of pages is debited at the end of the job. In case printing is interrupted, please check the coloured flashig led (at the left bottom of the control screen)  to find out what the problem is.
  • Beware: if the interruption is due to paper shortage, ask for support at the  Library desk or EE Business Center, because printing will resume as soon as paper is loaded.
  • If the printing stops for another reason only printed pages will be debited.
  • Copies are debited oneby one.


  • The printing credit is granted for the current semester (students) or teaching period (EE participants) only. It cannot be transferred to the next semester, respectively another teaching period.
  • Printing credit cannot be used at the cafeteria.
  • The remaining cash credit on the students or EE participants IHEID multi-services card is not reimbursed at the end of studies.

Printing fees

The following fees are applicable to printed pages and photocopies:

A4 Format

Single sided Black/White CHF 0.10
Double sided Black/White CHF 0.15
Single sided Color CHF 0.20
Double sided Color CHF 0.30

A3 Format

Single sided Black/White CHF 0.20
Double sided Black/White CHF 0.30
Single sided Color CHF 0.40
Double sided Color CHF 0.60


Free of charge

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