Discover the Wi-Fi services accessible to the Institute's members, locally, in Switzerland and worldwide.

At the Institute

Members of the IHEID community use the secured Wi-Fi network IHEID_AUTH which allows access to Internet as well as protected eResources and services.

The use of this network is reserved to holders of an IHEID IT Login. To connect to the IHEID_AUTH network follow the instructions below:

  • install the profile(*) according to your computer/phone
  • connect to the IHEID_AUTH network and sign in with your IHEID IT Login.

To print

(*) Protected access, sign-in with your IHEID IT Login

In Swiss Universities premises

The SWITCHconnect Classic service, run by SWITCH and available in most Swiss academic institutions, allows free Internet to the Graduate Institute Community.

To connect to Internet in these institutions:

(*) Protected access, sign-in with your IHEID IT Login

In Swiss, Europe and worldwide eduroam member institutions

The Institute, as a member of the eduroam international federation, gives you the opportunity to access the Internet, for free and all over the world, by connecting your computer to the eduroam secured Wi-Fi network of any federation member.

To connect to this network, please follow the instructions.

Note that eduroam is designed to be used at an external institution. When at the Institute, make sure you connect to the in-house IHEID_AUTH network.

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