Moodle Quick Start Guide for Teachers

The Guide is intended to provide basic information for teachers to start with Moodle. To go further, please use the Institute Moodle for Teachers Reference Manual or the Moodle Official documentation, version 3.1.

How to access Moodle

To access Moodle, use the IHEID/SWITCHaai Login box.

If you are not a member of the Graduate Institute (IHEID) Community use the Login for external users box.

Note that you can choose your language on the top left of the Moodle Home page.


How to create a Course

Requests for course creation are intiated by Professors, Lecturers, Teaching Assistants and Executive Education Programme Officers. In order to maintain a consistent controlled structure among categories, courses are created by the Service Desk.

Depending on the course lifecycle, you may request the creation of a new course or the duplication of an existing course.

Moodle Course Creation

To request a course, click directly on Request a course or

sign in Moodle:

  • click on Site Home;
  • select any course categorie;
  • at the bottom of the page, click on:


This will start the process and display the Moodle Course Request form. Fill in the form carefully:

  • enter the exact Course full name;
  • enter the Course short name (eg: IA027 as illustrated below);
  • select the appropriate Course category (Interdisciplinary Programmes, Disciplinary Master and Doctoral programmes, Executive Education, Summer and Winter Programmes) and subcategory;


  • enter a short summary;
  • enter email addresses of the persons who need editing rights on the course, including the professor.


Please note that editing rights may be granted only to people who have signed in Moodle at least once.

  • click on


As soon as the request has been processed by the Service Desk, the requester is informed that the course has been created or not because some information is missing. Then, when the course is created, the requester receives information about the grant of the requested editing rights.

Moodle Course Duplication

The course duplication process copies an existing course that has been archived and cleans up the participants data. There is no Moodle form to request a course duplication. The requester sends an email to the Service Desk with the following information:

  • identification of the source course, the one that will be duplicated, by title or code number;
  • exact identification of the target course, the new one:
    • title and corresponding code number (eg: IA027);
    • Moodle category: Interdisciplinary Programmes, Disciplinary Master and Doctoral programmes, Executive Education, Summer and Winter Programmes;
    • email addresses of the persons who need editing rights on the course, including the professor.

The requester receives an email once the course has been duplicated and the requested editing rights granted.

How to enroll participants


The recommended method is to provide an enrolment key to the course participants so they can enrol themselves by entering the key, the first time they access to the course.

In order to create an enrolment key:

  • go to your course and turn Editing On, in the left column;
  • click on Users > Enrolment methods;


  • In the Self-enrolment (Student) line, check that its “ eye ” open (enabled) and click on the gear to edit;
  • In the Self enrolment form, enter an Enrolment key, use the Unmask option to check your typing and  make sure you remember the key;


  • save the form;
  • transmit the enrolment key to your students.

Note that this enrolment key could be transmitted to an unknown participant which will also appear in the list of participants.

Manual Enrolment

Of course you may decide to enrol manually participants by choosing the Manual Enrolment method and select participants among all registered users in Moodle. This can be cumbersome for many participants since they all have to have accessed Moodle at least once prior the enrolment to be registered in Moodle.

Executive Education Enrolment

The general process to enrol participants in an Executive Education course usually starts right after its creation. A nominative list of all participants is imported in Moodle which allows for users Moodle registration and course enrolment at the same time.

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